Suing Your Wife For Being Too Ugly…Not Certified Hater Proof


After the birth of thier child a man was appalled as to how ugly the baby looked. So much so that he accused his wife of cheating. While his wife didn’t cheat she did admit to having a few cosmetic sugeries to before they met to help her appearance…$100,000 worth. If that wasn’t a shocker what happen next was. He sued her for convincing him to marry her under false pretenses! We aren’t sure how this would have gone over in America but in China he won. Consider that next time you complain about living in the states ugly people. Although the judge awared him $120K we have to award him a Not Certified Hater Proof title. So much for, “for better or for worse”.

Cannon Ball Into Ice Cold Water Is Not Certified Hater Proof

“To each his own”. If you like a thrill who are we to try and convince you what is and isn’t a good idea. What we will do is let you know if your decision was or was not Certified Hater Proof. Meaning, can you justifiably defend your decision against nay sayers. We would say that jumping into ice cold water is not Certified Hater Proof. The confirmation however will come from the ice water…or just the ice.

The language in the video may be offensive, if you speak it…we don’t.


Just In Case You Didn’t Know…Dropping The N Word? Hater Move

When it comes to the N word there is a double standard. You don’t have to agree with it but to avoid bad incidents sometimes its best to just not use it at all regardless of your race or not use it toward or around someone who may be offended by it regardless of their race.

When someone decides to however use it towards someone who will most definitely be offended, usually white and black ,what we have then, is a definite hater move. We always say there are multiple ways to Stop All That Damn Hating. Here is one…


El Paso School District Encouraged Under Performing Students To Drop Out

If you were to hear that 3 kids in the same family dropped out of high school each by 10th grade you might blame the parents for not stressing the importance of education.  What you might not realize however is that they were pushed and told to do so by their principle. That principle was advised to do so by the superintendent! The idea behind this was to get poor or underperforming students out of school before they had to take the required accountability test that would determine how much government money the school would receive.  

The superintendent at the time, Lorenzo Garcia, who pleaded guilty to charges of fraud and could serve up to 3 ½ years after sentencing today, created a plan to pre-test 10th graders to identify students who would most likely fail standardized test. Jose Avalos the third Avalos son to drop out tried to convince his mother that he was being pushed by the teachers and school staff but she was reluctant to believe her sons at first. Who would assume that educators would do this.

Huffington Post

He [Garcia] even asked an employee to photograph students crossing the border so they could be forced out on the grounds that they were living in Mexico and not within the district.

Garcia “was looking for `bad kids,’” said Mark Mendoza, the district official who reluctantly photographed students crossing a border bridge during three days in 2008.

“I told him: `Is this a residence check? Or are you asking me to get rid of kids that will not perform well?’” Mendoza recalled. “It was the most uncomfortable thing in the world for me. I threw the game. I tried to find all the reasons possible to kill this idea.”

After repeated complaints by parents and the involvement of the El Paso times, the school district finally acknowledged the scandal.

Grade A Hater Move.